America Are We Awake Yet

We experienced a horrific attack in our Nation’s Capitol an unknown suspect entered into the Washington DC navy yard and went on a rampage...

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Egypt Vs. Zimmerman: National Media Chaos

Unless a person has been living under a rock, most of us already know the George Zimmerman murder trial has been the latest “trial...

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International Justice Mission – Rescuing Victims of Violence

Many people in this world take a stand for various things: the environment, better working conditions or their own political views. The International Justice...

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Human Rights Have Two Types of Enemies

At Two Risks Human Rights are there to be observed. But in cases where they are not observed, they have two types of enemies...

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Future of Cyber Terrorism

*SORRY IT’S SO LONG**   With so much attention being demanded by terrorism these days, it is a wonder that there have not been...

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The Economics Of Human Trafficking

The human trafficking industry is a 32 billion dollar industry. Many people ask what is human trafficking! According to the UN Office of Drug...

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Are Democracy & Human Rights Practiced in East Asia

Human Rights and democracy go hand in hand. A country cannot say that it is observing human rights if democracy is not instituted. The...

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Is National Security More Important Than Civil Rights?

A People cannot thrive without stability and freedom from violence. Of course, democracies like the United States are founded on the principle that the...

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Three Reasons Why Economics Won’t be the 2014 Election issue

There’s a myth that economics are always the decisive issue in politics, and everything else (war, scandal, social issues) is just window dressing. But...

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The Importance of The Gettysburg Address

“Their feet are speedy to shed blood.”-Rom. 3:15 On November 19, 1863 Abraham Lincoln addressed a crowd at Gettysburg Pennsylvania. The speech he delivered...

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Analyzing The Declaration Of Independence

In Honor of Independence Day Many Americans today are familiar with the fact that, when the Declaration of Independence was drafted, King George III...

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Freedom or Safety

Is it fair to ask for freedom and safety? Whether it is in society as a whole or watching a small child romp around...

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