America Are We Awake Yet

September 20, 2013

We experienced a horrific attack in our Nation’s Capitol an unknown suspect entered into the Washington DC navy yard and went on a rampage killing several people and wounding dozens. I believe President Obama and the Democrats actions will be to call for stricter gun control; this has been the actions after other attacks including Ft. Hood, Aurora and Newtown. Is better gun control laws needed? I believe we do not need better laws we just need to enforce the laws better. I believe the lesson we need to learn from this attack is not improving gun control laws but we need to upgrade the security in our military bases.

The suspect was allowed to enter the base without question; I heard one Fox News contributor say that the suspect could have been hiding in the trunk of a car. So that calls for a thorough search of every vehicle that enters a military facility. Also having better engaged MP’s/Security forces at the entrances will make them aware of suspicious activity and people. I believe the bases and all other high security buildings need to not allow anyone to pass through security without being checked. Everyone that enters a high security building including military bases needs to be x-rayed, and patted down by two people. Hypothetically one pat-down could be possibly done by an accomplice inside the facility while a second pat-down could ensure that nobody entering the base with any contraband. The military bases around the country and world should only allow active military to enter those bases. I come from generations of military veterans and because of my father I have a military ID that would allow me to enter any base around the country without question and “snoop” around if I chose to. The only reason veteran’s dependents have ID cards is for Medical Insurance purposes; proof of insurance could be done differently to no longer need the identification card.

This was a tragic event and we need to focus on protecting our military around the world from people that want to murder our sons, daughters, friends and families serving world-wide. Politicians need to step aside and not focus on the political aspects of this tragedy but plan a course of action that will help prevent another attack like this. We are still recovering from the Boston Marathon Bombing. After this attack we need to wake up and realize that we are prone to attacks from domestic terrorists as well as international entities that want to destroy America. Americans can learn from this attack and begin to keep an eye out for anything that appears strange or odd. We as Americans must rise and up and continue our lives and tell those that murder our active military forces that we will not be shaken.

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