Stop Kimberlin 2012!

June 8, 2012

We join other bloggers on both on the Left and on Right in calling on congress to STOP Brett Kimberlin. Here’s one of the posts that describes what Brett Kimberlin will do. The Other McCain also has a story on this. Michelle Malkin joins in. Part 1 Video If you would like to write for […]

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Let Your Voice Be Heard in Maryland!

April 3, 2012
Let Your Voice Be Heard in Maryland!

The Conservative Fifty Dot Com network is looking for grassroots writers in every state at all skill levels! Some of our websites do not have writers while other sites are up and running. It is our goal to have at least one writer in every state by the end of April 2012. If you are interested […]

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What do we want? Law and Order!

March 31, 2012
Photo credit: AP Photo | Occupy Oakland protestors burn an American flag found inside Oakland City Hall during an Occupy Oakland protest on the steps of City Hall. (Jan. 28, 2012)

By: Henry T. Iglehart Recently I went to see Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas and former presidential candidate, speak on American University’s campus. When I arrived all seemed, well, pleasant until I heard someone blaring “Amazing Grace” over a sound system; my friend and I turned towards the noise to see a group of […]

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Hello world!

August 3, 2011

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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